Collections of Pictures of Me

Collections of Pictures of Me

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Israel & the World.

With the recent attack on the civilian ships near Gaza. Israel sparked off many comments from various leaders around the globe condemning the attack by the commandos. So how will this issue be resolved? I'm not too sure about that. With this severity of an incident, I doubt this case will not be closed off that easily. What may happen? Surely there will be different explanations from various parties. What sort of action that will be taken? I've no idea about that. It may happen that is a result of perhaps war against Israel as stated in the Bible where different nations will ally together to attack Israel. this situation can lead to that stage. What can be done? I know it has to be come to pass but then to me it seem too soon.

What can we do besides getting ourselves updated via the Internet or newspaper. We have to pray that God's grace and mercy will be upon this situation. Really this case need God's intervention as it don't come through my mind on how the commandos would fire upon civilians. It may be an order from the upper level in the army. But who knows? As of now no one has the answer. Prayer does need to be done so that there would not be another "World War" that could be sparked just by this case or scenario.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Change.

United States of America, from a humble beginning where the nation grew up with struggles. Struggles if being experienced by other nations who may not survive as the outcome. A superpower nation today with its advance technologies, services, liberation, freedom as well as a nation with diverse cultures. Once before that people were God fearing be it as normal citizens or in the senate or perhaps in the high positions. With the dollar note that writes "In God We Trust". Has the nation gives its 100% trust in God? Or has it gave other percentages to gadgets, law suits or just being in its comfort zone?

Almost 9 years ago since the 9/11 incident that struck the States and around the globe. During that period of time people scramble back into churches and rededicate their lives to God. Down the road after a few years, more or less is back to square one altogether again. Perhaps there are drop outs in church. People tend to stay at home and watch the abundance of television series available. Even though they still have the faint remembrance of the fateful 9/11 incident which did changes their lives a little but to maintain that faith "level" was not that long. And with the recent attempt of the car bomb which utterly failed (probably due to the prayer of the Christians) that the disaster did not take place. Did it ring a bell to the people? From news reports it seems that life is back to usual.

With prophecies looming in that a natural disaster may hit and with prayers withholding the natural disaster form happening people should come to realize that God is in control and the everyday reminder probably best being implemented in their currency, "In God We Trust". Is their trust really being placed in God?
It can very well be a good example for everyone. That really we must not take God's grace for granted. A superpower nation that needs to bow down before God and repent. Before God's blessing and covering is being lifted. We need not need a big impending problem or disaster to wake us up from our slumber towards God instead, we need to take our own initiative to go to God. With the uncertainty of the stability of the earth today, time is indeed ticking on. Ticking till Christ returns. Are we ready? Or are we still "asleep"? It's time for a change. U.S. asked for change but all in all they themselves have to change in their trust in God.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Temptation vs Corruption.

Guess this post will be my first in talking about issues happening around us. For the start, I'll talk about corruption. This action can be considered happening perhaps every minute or hour throughout the day, in the whole nation. Be it in politics or with the law enforcement officers and so on. Malaysia so far for the past few years has been talking to eradicate or to cut down on corruption. Even though with campaigns being launched here and there as well as some arrests of some people. Personally, I don't seem to see much change. Slogans and campaigns that was set up and efforts to curb that is all down into the drain. Easily overrun by these two aspects which is greed and mindset.

To curb corruption is not only the government's job but it is also the citizen's job as well. If the citizens of Malaysia do not put in the effort to even cooperate with the government, whatever government that are being elected for 100% guarantee that the issue will never be solved. Mindset, people nowadays want the easy way out and do not want to have any troubles even though they know very very very well that whatever they are doing is wrong. Let's take the simple case of traffic summons. A speed trap, driver being caught speeding and stopped by police during a roadblock. Police officer asks what can be done driver just offers a sum of money and is being let off the hook. So who's at fault here? Most would say the traffic police who usually hints in wanting cash.

The main problem is that people do not want to acknowledge themselves at the fault which turns out to be the driver in that case. If the driver does not offer the cash to the police and if all drivers being caught for speeding or whatever law they broke they just take the summon as it is to me corruption for that will gradually go down. Is just like to eliminate the population of rats in the house is to block out all food available to the rats and their number will dwindle. If traffic offenders keep bribing the police how do you think that the police will stop asking for money?

Be it in normal traffic summons or politics it's the same thing altogether if the people just stop giving money just to get out of trouble. Which in other terms show they are "cowards" and do not want to face the punishment of breaking the law when they had the guts to break it in the first place.

Greed is also another issue which can eventually lead to continuous corruption. In the society today for sure majority feels that they have not enough. Mostly due to being materialistic. Without greed and the carnal nature of wanting more be it cash or some other material things, corruption can also be cut down. Money politics will soon come to an end. All in all it comes to the people in this nation who are willing to stand up to their moral values be it in whatever society or class they are at as long as they have a firm foundation in morality temptation will not come in so easily. The decision is the rakyat to choose. Are we going to stop corrupting each other for a better future?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Guess this blog has been piled up in a big pile of dust. So it's time for yet another spring cleaning I'd say. But at the same time I think either content wise or just the lack of "publicity" that somehow this blog is pretty quiet since the chat-box is just there for like less than a handful of people to chat. Hmm... Anyway, for the pass four months since the start of January I've been busy with my industrial training also known as internship. During that time I wouldn't be at home as I will be in other people's house to overnight. Interesting experience I'd say. manage to go overseas during my internship which is a rare opportunity that other wouldn't have.

Last week to go then I will be having my break till end of May. Wonder what to do during the period of break. I wonder... Anyhow it would be quite tough to restart back to university engine and get back to the mode of studies since it's going to be like five months ago since i last studied and go for classes. Hopefully it won't be a tough one to handle.

Assignments and tutorials awaits. Not leaving back to service in church where the full swing starts again after a few months of absence although certain times i pop by. Blogger's blogging mind block for now. Will update when new ideas or topic comes running in. Maybe more updates when I finish my internship which I extended due to unfinished project. Perhaps some sensitive topics to blog I guess which I hope i won't get caught for it, depends on how serious is the content also lah... *Shrugs*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Internship So Far.

It's has been almost a whole month since I started my internship cum industrial training. So far so good I'd say. Currently I'm blogging from my office so just hope that no one comes back or else I'm dead. Anyway, internship so far was not bad except most memorable factor is that the video clip I was working on, the computer hard disk where all the data I stalled in crashed and after various people coming to fix it where unable to fix it. Eventually got to buy a new hard disk and start all over again. There goes two weeks work into the bin. Anyhow as I redo the video clip again, the memories of what stuff need to be edited are still quite clear in my head. I mean brain, so this time it took me less than a week to finish up what I did for the previous two weeks which was cool. Thank God for that. Well, I do learn an important lesson which is to back up the files everytime I finish my work at the end of the day. I'm pretty glad that I'm working in a Christian company which gives me the chance to visit other churches as well. Since I know how to play the drums I sort of became the drummer for the band whenever the team are out ministering in other churches.

Besides that, I'm able to travel to overseas as well since end of February there's a church in Medan, Indonesia that invited the team to minister at their church. While beginning of April will be in Singapore for four days and going to five different churches when we are there. Pretty interesting I'd say. I don't think that many of my classmates who are doing their internship elsewhere will be able to travel overseas. Indeed God is faithful. Though at times I do miss my own church Charis Christian Centre and youth group as well as the activities like futsal and so on. Though I can only do it occasionally as before. Now left about three more months till I restart back university life again which I think will be much of a challenging one since I'm now already in my final year.

Talking about final year, I can't even imagine myself graduating soon. All I could think of when I was in secondary school is to just finish SPM and that's about it. Future plans like going to college or university just couldn't register in my head. And now finishing university is like a dream. Well, sort of like a dream cause I didn't picture myself that far of an accomplishment. After university comes working, a career, or a fixed job that I'll do probably the rest of my life that I doubt so I'll be that "loyal" or something. Hmm..... Many things lined up ahead, just got to wait for time to come and pass through those things with God's help of course. All I can do now is hope and pray for the best till my internship ends and then a short break before the final two semesters approaches. Cheers =)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reflecting 2009, Welcome 2010.

Finally, some time to breath in and breath out and get back my much needed breath back after a long hectic month with pretty a lot of programmes, appointments and events to attend to. At this time 2009 is coming to an end and here comes 2010. Much to do ahead, no idea how much is that going to be but I have the feeling that it may be a challenge. Looking back at 2009 which seemed like just a flash through year, on how I had a gruelling time during a semester with the heap load of assignments then with those happenings around the globe. I'm still thankful for God's grace that still is upon us all if not worse can happen. As few more days where five fingers can just be used to do the countdown to 2010, what is lying ahead? As far as I know I'll be in my last year in university, first quarter of the year having industrial training and then the much awaited World Cup game in the middle of the year. Can be said is interesting but then in terms of what kind of "incidents- disasters" are coming I'm not so sure how is it going to be. Be in a severe one or not, it's in God's hands as well as the prayers of the saints.

Finally having the time to do some reflection, primary issue to think of is that unity of the Church is vital as the years passes by. If there's no unity in the Church, there's no light that can shine forth in the community which will result in the community to be living in darkness. Even in the various departments of the Church also must have mutual understanding and be connected to the Church's goal and vision and not on one's agenda or thought. Well, much still needs to be done within the Church, and manpower is definitely needed. I can say in my part that 2009 for me have its ups and down which is normal of course, at the same time those weak points can be improved on and excel in it. Much to anticipate for in 2010 and I hope it will be for the bettter.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back On Track.

I know, I know. This blog has been forsaken for quite some time. Nonetheless is back in action, I do hope I will have the discipline to re-blog again. Anyway, I know the mission trip as I mentioned in my previous post and didn't have any updates about it, I will try to have an article or at the most a post about it. Along one I target it to be. Anyway, primary reason now that stirred me to blog is that certain issues are needed to be addressed, stated, forewarned and also like a let go of my thoughts which can be a little disturbing to myself. Lately for the pass few weeks, there's been the talk of end of the world. Be it at home, in uni or elsewhere. Probably this is due to the movie flick but at the same time due to the earth's surroundings. Those things that are happening around the globe be it physically or spiritually. I sense it can be a bit disturbing at times when people keep mentioning it is the end of the world. Does gives some goosebumps too I'd say. Coming back to my point, ignore the movie flick and see with own rational eyes. Is there something wrong going on around us be it in our own country in terms of everything such as environment, politics and so on? Are we being caught up with super busy-ness that we can't seem to slow down time?

Maybe some of us may feel that way while some don't. The point I'm trying to state or convey is that the clock continues to tick forward and not backwards. Whatever is going to happen in the future, or nearest, the next day , worst, next hour or minute is totally unpredictable. Totally got zero idea of what lies ahead. Now I wonder would I ever have the time frame to even be an elderly person. It do struck on my mind that one thing's for sure, more undesirable things will happen as per mentioned in the Bible. One question for us as Christians: Are we living a right or a wrong way? People used to say that ignorance is a bliss but now at this juncture, ignorance can no longer be a bliss, it would be dangerous and disastrous if it is so. The fact that Christ is coming again cannot be ignored with the current events happening. Rumours of what is coming by doesn't sound any good. Some may have the fear while others may be life as usual till something came shaking by or knocking by be it soft or hard. If hard, I wouldn't dare to imagine how bad can that be.

Are we living a life which is pleasing to God? Our spiritual life is fully rooted in God's word and Prayer? I mean heaps of prayer and not just meal time sort of prayer. Now the second coming of Christ and end times is beginning to be emphasized greatly. Can that be like an alarm clock ringing for those who are still asleep to be awaken from their slumber-ness? Are we going to continue to be ignorant? Or be awaken and know that it is THE time? Now I can say that everyday we live by is from God's grace that we still are alive and well. With the chance as well to repair what we did wrong with our own life. Which I bet most of us do have some insignificant things that are not pleasing in the eyes of God. Articles i have read about people who have the chance to see what's heaven and hell like. Sound a little bit overload but I think I will cancel out that doubts it is highly possible that it is true. As for hell, I think I wouldn't want to mention much as it is scary enough to state it. In short, it is a terrible place to be in. And I would want to avoid there at all costs.

Even as we pray we are being disturbed by those those bad ones. As it is a spiritual battle. It may seem normal as we pray but at times we do feel there's something odd or something that happen be it our thoughts or something else which may deem normal but the fact is that it's more like a distraction and a negative one. So all the more we need to pray against it and beef up in prayer. Anyways, this may be quite a blur post but after what I've been reading, seeing and listening through. I have no doubt that we are living in a difficult, dark world where the light if it's not shining brightly will be deadly to all be it Christians or not. So let us as believers to be the lighthouse wherever we go. In speech, in actions and in thoughts to live a life that is worthy, righteous and glorified before God and as an example to others.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Sorry for the dusty blog, pretty busy lately with assignments and now mission trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand. So I will be off there tomorrow 3rd Oct till 11th Oct 2009. Do pray for the team that everything will run smoothly from checking in to airplane to programmes held there and coming back. Till then will I revive this blog again =)

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Tribute to Gary Robert (18th August 1987 - 2nd August 2009)

In conjunction with the late Gary Leon Robert's birthday, here's a tribute for him.

It was indeed heart wrenching when the news spread all over that Gary passed away. Those who got the news find it unbelievable and the condition he was in when the police found him in the stadium. I myself was pretty much saddened by the news. Everyone who knew him have a good impression of him and were impacted by him somehow or rather. Be it by his smile, hand shake, encouraging words, his superb ability in sports as well as academics, the achievements his has and the list just goes on.

Knowing him since we were in the same cg in youth group when we were about 15 years old, found him quite friendly though not really close with him as in best of friends. Reflecting back, from the youth camps that we went as a youth group, not leaving the conferences. It was indeed fun being with him as i remembered one of the Huge camp in Penang. Think it was already lights off and some of us sort of have an "illegal" gathering and when Gary spotted the person who was in charge of security who was having checks he told everyone at the gathering to run for cover and he ran quietly and sneaked back to his room.

I'm very sure there are many moments that we spent together as friends, having a game of futsal with him. Fascinated by his skills in that sport and brought good encouragement as a team-mate. Not scoring all the time but encouraging others to score by opening the chance for them to do so. It was encouraging to see that during Gary's wake service, the flocks of people who attended, different races, different generations. Both young and old alike. Church congregation or uni friends, childhood friends or those who heard his name or just seen him before once and so on where present. 22 years, one life, impacted many lives and hearts. A role model, a good example. Though very short the lifespan, through it all as God had already said to him, Gary: "Well done, my good and faithful servant" the talents Gary had, he multiplied it to a hundred fold. If it can be calculated, probably he excelled 200% in his lifetime. An achievement which hold the record that every few can break.

Now is the third week since Gary's passing. Many who are still lingering around in their hearts. Occasionally remembering the best of times they had with Gary. Or anyone who has the name Gary, it would remind them of the other Gary they knew who impacted them and brought joy, laughs in their life. We know Gary Robert is with the Lord Almighty, though it may seem very hard for us to let go of the fact that we have to move on with the life we have on earth without the presence of Gary Robert, we have hope and a future in Christ alone. Many may seek other ways to vanquish the sadness, it may be workable but it will just be temporary. On God alone can bring us through all the problems, like how God brought Gary through in his 22 years of living on earth, a faithful servant of God and a God fearing man. May God's peace, comfort and everlasting love be unto his family members, relatives and also to us all.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Assignments assignments and more assignments.

Now is into week 5 already in my 14 weeks long semester. And I can sense a bit of the fatigue-ness that is not so nice sort of feeling. With six subjects in the semester and about two assignments for each subject, I can say it's like a heavy load of weight just came *Whump*. Flat I am with the assignment load. I wonder whether the lecturers got discuss with each other on the assignments and sort of have a control on the amount thing. Cause I find it quite taxing to produce so much stuff in just a little tiny, puny time frame. Meaning I've got to work my bones out to finish them and I think rest is going to be secondary for now. I can await is just after finals then holiday season for just 3 weeks.

Busy mode is expected for the next one or two months so I do hope can still update this blog once in a while. Worst case scenario is going to be once in a blue moon. Just finished an assignment which is to do a tv filler. Did the shooting in Royal Selangor Pewter which was cool to see its history and artistic works. A pride of Malaysia definitely. Now left the editing work to do. Tv drama incoming and that is sure going to be the killer of all assignments. Oh well... By God's grace i can make it through!!